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Digging For Clams - RAZOR CLAM Gig Review! 7/27/17

Razor Clam


at LoFi

Seattle, WA




Bittersweet.  For friends of Aya’s – who is leaving for an opportunity in the UK, the Razor Clam gig last Thursday was bittersweet.  Happy for their friend and what lays ahead.  Bummed to see their friend leaving the Seattle area.


Bittersweet also sums up my view of the band Razor Clam.  Their third show also doubled as a going away party for Aya (who I only met at the show for the first time). 


Every now and then I’ll hear a band with potential, that raw “something that you can’t put your finger on but know you’re right” kind of potential.


The four piece band took the stage at LoFi and proceeded to play a to the point set of music that was a mix of very melodic rock/punk/pop hybrid mixed in with a few other influences.  There were times when the band was loose which is to be expected for a newer band.  But, at the same time, they had a really good vibe going on. 


More important than anything else is that they had good songs.  Rough in some spots but, man, the potential is there!


So, I’m sad to see this band end/go on indefinite hiatus/etc.  I understand they may have recorded some tunes before Aya’s departure which would be amazing to hear.


Let’s hope the band manages to stay together, or at the very least, reform sometime in the future as this band could go far. 





Mark Sugiyama

Eclectic Arts


Special Thanks:   Aya for the credentials.





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